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Julie Garber

No Surpise Estate Taxes Top Wills & Estate Planning Blogs in December 2012

By January 15, 2013

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It should really come as no surprise that with the impending fiscal cliff estate taxes, estate taxes, and more estate taxes topped the most read blogs posted in December 2012, and, as we now know, my prediction that the federal estate tax exemption would not revert to $3.5 million was correct:

Top 5 Blogs Posted in December 2012

  1. $3.5 Million Estate Tax Exemption, 45% Estate Tax Rate, and One Big Yawn
  2. 2013 Estate Tax Picture Remains Fuzzier Than Ever
  3. Supreme Court to Decide Whether Same Sex Married Couples Should Have to Pay Federal Estate Taxes
  4. 2013 State Estate Tax and Inheritance Tax Changes
  5. Looking for U.S. Probate Laws? Here's Where to Find Them

Meanwhile, the most read blogs in December 2012 that were posted at any time were not exactly the same as those that were the most read in November 2012, with the topic of filial responsibility making the list for the first time:

Top 5 Blogs in December 2012 Posted at Any Time

  1. 2012 Annual Exclusion From Gift Taxes Remains Unchanged
  2. 2011 Gift Tax Exclusion - Annual Exclusion vs. Lifetime Exemption
  3. Ronni Chasen's Estate Teaches Two Valuable Estate Planning Lessons
  4. What is Filial Responsibility and Why Should You Be Concerned About It?
  5. When is a Federal Estate Tax Return Required to be Filed?

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January 21, 2013 at 6:55 pm
(1) glenn says:

My wife’s father passed away late in December. Her sister never sent us the will after numerous requests. Now, she’s claiming everything dad owned, 12 acres in Missouri, trailer, etc., is going to grandson period. In Missouri a will is legal if dated and witnessed by two people and a “notary” isn’t needed. Is it really worth cost and aggravation to fight this b–ch! She is purposely being nasty and hurtful and is in no way concerned with anything but covering her ass. (she can’t have anything in her name or she’ll lose SSI or welfare or whatever she’s got coming. Comment? (we believe he signed it while on a morphine drip in hospital, @ her request/arm twisting)

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