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Wills & Estate Planning December 2012 Archive


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2013 Estate Tax and Fiscal Cliff Update

Monday December 31, 2012
Breaking news - it appears that a tentative deal has been reached to avert the fiscal cliff. Here is the latest from abcnews.go.com in a piece titled "'Fiscal Cliff': ... Read More

The Best of 2012 Celebrity Estates

Monday December 31, 2012
It seems that in 2012 celebrity estates appeared in the news more frequently than in prior years. Below is a list of my top twenty-five favorite famous (or perhaps ... Read More

Descendants of Ernest Hemingway's Cat Snowball Subject to Federal Regulation

Friday December 28, 2012
Having lived in Key West for 6 years, adopted two Key West cats from the Florida Keys SPCA, and visited the Ernest Hemingway home and its famous polydactyl cats (ones ... Read More

Will Contest Over Artist Thomas Kinkade's Estate Ends With Secret Settlement

Thursday December 27, 2012
Many will be surprised to learn that the will contest over control of the multimillion dollar estate of the famed "Painter of Light," Thomas Kinkade, has abruptly ended. The will ... Read More

2013 State Estate Tax and Inheritance Tax Changes

Wednesday December 26, 2012
Here is a summary of the state estate tax and inheritance tax changes that will take effect on January 1, 2013: The beneficiaries of decedents who die in 2013 will be ... Read More

Looking for U.S. Probate Laws? Here's Where to Find Them

Wednesday December 19, 2012
Recently I was doing some research on the probate laws across the United States and was very pleased to find the following webpage on the Findlaw website: State Laws: Estates ... Read More

Estate Taxes Top Wills & Estate Planning Blogs in November 2012

Tuesday December 18, 2012
Estate taxes, estate taxes, and more estate taxes topped the most read blogs posted in November 2012: Top 5 Blogs Posted in November 2012 Will the 2009 Federal Estate Tax Rules Be ... Read More

Celebrity Estate Update - Hearing on Artist Thomas Kinkade Estate Dispute Continued Until Christmas Eve

Monday December 17, 2012
The hearing to resolve the request of Nanette Kinkade, the estranged wife of the famed "Painter of Light" Thomas Kinkade, to remove furniture, artwork worth millions of dollars and other ... Read More

2013 Estate Tax Picture Remains Fuzzier Than Ever

Thursday December 13, 2012
The federal estate tax appears to have become a sticking point in the fiscal cliff negotiations. While President Obama supports going back to the estate tax laws that were ... Read More

Maryland Probate Update

Wednesday December 12, 2012
A couple of changes have been made to the laws governing Maryland "small probate estates" which took effect on October 1, 2012: The small estate threshold is increased from $50,000 or ... Read More

Supreme Court to Decide Whether Same Sex Married Couples Should Have to Pay Federal Estate Taxes

Tuesday December 11, 2012
The U.S. Supreme Court has granted the petition for a writ of certiorari in the case of Windsor v. United States. The questions to be briefed and argued include ... Read More

Irrevocable Trust Fund Set Up For Benefit of Daughter of Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher

Monday December 10, 2012
NFL's Kansas Chiefs have set up an irrevocable trust fund for the benefit of 3-month-old Zoey Michelle Belcher, the daughter of deceased linebacker Jovan Belcher, who murdered the infant's mother, ... Read More

Will Contest Ends, Actor Sherman Hemsley Finally Laid to Rest

Wednesday December 5, 2012
The remains of actor Sherman Hemsley, who portrayed Manhattan dry cleaning mogul George Jefferson on CBS' The Jeffersons and died from lung cancer back on July 24, have finally been ... Read More

"Read It" Ticks Off Sony and Executors of Michael Jackson's Estate

Tuesday December 4, 2012
Thirty years have now passed since the release of Michael Jackson's album Thriller, which is currently the best selling album of all time. On that album is a nasty ... Read More

$3.5 Million Estate Tax Exemption, 45% Estate Tax Rate, and One Big Yawn

Monday December 3, 2012
Last Thursday President Obama finally put his estate tax card on the table. Through Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the president told House Speaker John Boehner that beginning in 2013 ... Read More

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