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What is Guardianship or Conservatorship? - Wills & Estate Planning
Guardianship, or conservatorship as it's called in some states, is the legal proceeding in a state court where a person, called the “Guardian” or “ Conservator,” is ...
Guardianship, Conservatorship, Disability Planning - What Happens ...
Planning for mental disability to avoid guardianship or conservatorship should be an integral part of every estate plan and yet it's often overlooked. There are two ...
Ways to Avoid Guardianship or Conservatorship
There are a variety of ways to avoid having you and your assets placed in a court -supervised guardianship or conservatorship if you become mentally ...
Guardianship for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Guardianship is a legal term referring to the relationship between a minor child and someone other than a parent who is caring for that child. It can describe the ...
Why Grandparents Should Seek Legal Custody or Guardianship
Why should grandparents raising grandchildren consider going to court to obtain legal custody or guardianship of those grandchildren? Answer: Grandparents ...
How Much Does Guardianship or Conservatorship Cost?
Once a person has been determined to be mentally incapacitated and the court establishes a guardianship or conservatorship, various fees and costs will be ...
Avoid Guardianship - How Does a Revocable Living Trust Avoid ...
Another common and simple way to avoid a court supervised guardianship or conservatorship if you become mentally incapacitated is to establish and fund a ...
Duties and Responsibilities of a Guardian or Conservator
After a person has been determined to be mentally incapacitated and becomes a "ward" of the court, or if a minor is in need of a guardianship or conservatorship ...
Eldercare - Guardianship - Washington, DC
Information about alternatives to guardianship for caregivers.
Temporary Guardianship Form (for Parents)
Setting up temporary guardianship is easy. Use this form when you need to leave your kids with another adult & enjoy peace of mind knowing they're safe!
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