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Probate - Wills & Estate Planning - About.com
Probate is the court-supervised process of locating and determining the value of the assets owned in the individual name of a deceased person, referred to as a ...
Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Probate - Wills & Estate Planning - About.com
Over the years I've heard and read the comments about why probate "really isn't that bad" and doesn't "cost that much" or "take too long." But usually these ...
What Is Probate? - Wills & Estate Planning - About.com
Probate is the court-supervised process of settling a deceased person's final affairs. Learn about all of the steps required to probate an estate here.
About Genealogy - Probing into Probate Records & Wills
Probate records, including wills, administrations, and other estate records, are often a key to solving stubborn genealogical problems. Learn how to locate and ...
5 Things That Will Hold Up the Probate Process
While in most situations probate can be avoided, in reality many people fail to make an estate plan and so their assets will end up at the mercy of a probate ...
What Are Probate Assets? - An Overview - Wills & Estate Planning
When a deceased person's estate owns certain types of assets, called probate assets, then the estate will be subject to a probate court proceeding in order to get ...
How to Obtain Copies of Wills and Other Probate Documents
But once it has been determined that probate will be necessary, how do you determine where to file for probate? Here you will find the general rules that govern ...
4 Ways to Avoid Probate - Wills & Estate Planning - About.com
In most cases probate is easy to avoid, and yet many people fail to do so. Below you will find a list of the only four ways to avoid probate. What will work in your ...
3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Probate - Wills & Estate Planning
Probate is usually easy to avoid, and yet many people don't do anything to avoid it. Here you will learn about three reasons why probate is such a hassle and ...
How to Avoid Probate in Florida - Wills & Estate Planning - About.com
While Florida probate is both expensive and time-consuming, in most cases its really easy to avoid. Yet many people fail to take any of the steps required to ...
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